Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lula, Ga., Veterans Memorial Art Project

I had the opportunity to speak with Dennis Bergin, City Manager of Lula, Georgia today, and it looks as though we will go forward with an art project first discussed soon after the dedication ceremonies held after the Lula Veterans Memorial project completion. It's a beautiful park, and local people began bringing their children to play in the fountain from the first day of its opening.

We will meet with the Lula Historical Society in the next week or so, and begin the process of developing a timeline. And, I will begin posting the series of paintings that will be the basis for the memorial. These paintings are in the final stages of detailing, so this blog will be the first place to view the display.

To provide a brief description, the area in which the art will be applied is 8 ft. by 90 ft. in length. When creating large murals, this one specifically, I was able to use a grid foundation of 1 inch to 1 foot. Thus, I had to create nine 8x10 in. paintings (which are acrylic on canvas) which will allow the application group to easily use a grid template. It also allows each segment to be managed as a separate area, yet will at the final stages lend itself to blending, transitioning, each one to the next,  in the final detailing.

The paintings begin with the Revolutionary war, then transition through all of the United States conflicts up to and through today.

To those of you following, I'll try to  make this as interesting to watch as is was for me to create.

Joe Satterwhite

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