Thursday, July 28, 2011

101st Airborne-Col Clyde Russell, Jini Russell, and son, Lt. Chris Russell

Today, I received a package from (101st Airborne, Vietnam) Chris Russell. This is a family who served their country well, and I am well pleased to have in hand the photos and written testimonials of the story of his father, Col. Clyde R. Russell and his mother Jini, who followed Col. Russell into World War 2.

From the images received, I will begin the process of creating an original work of art. You can view a more complete story line HERE. A story like this should be told, and I will tell my version in portraiture.

This, too, makes for a step by step journey that viewers are welcome to follow.

Thanks, Chris, for allowing me to begin telling what is now your story. You too have served your country well.

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