Sunday, July 31, 2011

FaceBook, Twitter and Blog... Keeping it tidy?

Well, that remains to be seen. The easy part was to create the FaceBook, Twitter and Blog accounts. The hard part is going to be to keep them moving forward with new content.

The links, in the form of buttons, to these locations are now installed on the front page of the Screaming Eagles .com web site, and like anyone who begins writing, one always hopes someone out there actually begins to reads the content.

As an artist, I struggle to find the balance between writing and actually creating more art. I enjoy both, and I will try to find the "sweet spot" is that best allows me to enjoy both endeavors. Being retired, I always know that I can do exactly as I like. The trick here is to avoid having to do what I don't like.

That's a novel concept coming from one who has spent a lifetime as a free lancer, which is a profession where one works as much to obtain work as we do to create the art.
My hope at this time is that when readers begin commenting and interacting, I will find that my responding will be comfortable and rewarding.

You don't think I can do this by myself, do you?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today, I had the time to review the package of historical materials I will be using for the Col. Russell portraits. Included was a CD, titled "Follow Me", Col. Clyde R. Russell and his service to our Country, and a set of photographs.

The CD was a timeline story of Col. Russell's life and military history, and provides insight into one of so many common, ordinary, (lets call them what they really are,)  heros. The work these warriors are called upon to do is, to them, their job; It's what they do. That so many take it on so willingly throughout our countries history is in itself incredibly impressive.  That those who belonged to  what is known as "The Greatest Generation" did so with such humility is, in itself, humbling.

I am privileged to have been called on to try to create something that adds to the great volume of history from a visual artists perspective. Over the years, meeting with the families, soldiers, writers, historians and so many others with a shared interest in commemorating the sacrifices of these warriors has given me great satisfaction, and this project is one I approach eagerly.

Often, a painting is done with minimal reference materials, and only a long ago used name of a battle, or a hilltop…a river. In the case of the Col. Russell portrait, I have been fortunate to have regular contact with the son of Col. Russell, who himself was an officer with MACV in Vietnam. 

Chris Russell (who continues to work with the Veterans Administration helping todays soldiers) has been extremely gracious and knowledgable, providing me with all I need, and more. 

In collaboration with Daniel Peterson, Museum Director of the Don F. Pratt Museum in Ft. Campbell, Ky., an exhibit has been assembled and displayed with items and images from Col. Russell and his wife Jini, who served with the Red Cross following her husband throughout Europe and Germany during WWII. Chris Russell's donation of these family heirlooms will help provide future generations a bit fuller, richer history.
Joe Satterwhite
Screaming Eagles .com

Thursday, July 28, 2011

101st Airborne-Col Clyde Russell, Jini Russell, and son, Lt. Chris Russell

Today, I received a package from (101st Airborne, Vietnam) Chris Russell. This is a family who served their country well, and I am well pleased to have in hand the photos and written testimonials of the story of his father, Col. Clyde R. Russell and his mother Jini, who followed Col. Russell into World War 2.

From the images received, I will begin the process of creating an original work of art. You can view a more complete story line HERE. A story like this should be told, and I will tell my version in portraiture.

This, too, makes for a step by step journey that viewers are welcome to follow.

Thanks, Chris, for allowing me to begin telling what is now your story. You too have served your country well.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lula, Ga., Veterans Memorial Art Project

I had the opportunity to speak with Dennis Bergin, City Manager of Lula, Georgia today, and it looks as though we will go forward with an art project first discussed soon after the dedication ceremonies held after the Lula Veterans Memorial project completion. It's a beautiful park, and local people began bringing their children to play in the fountain from the first day of its opening.

We will meet with the Lula Historical Society in the next week or so, and begin the process of developing a timeline. And, I will begin posting the series of paintings that will be the basis for the memorial. These paintings are in the final stages of detailing, so this blog will be the first place to view the display.

To provide a brief description, the area in which the art will be applied is 8 ft. by 90 ft. in length. When creating large murals, this one specifically, I was able to use a grid foundation of 1 inch to 1 foot. Thus, I had to create nine 8x10 in. paintings (which are acrylic on canvas) which will allow the application group to easily use a grid template. It also allows each segment to be managed as a separate area, yet will at the final stages lend itself to blending, transitioning, each one to the next,  in the final detailing.

The paintings begin with the Revolutionary war, then transition through all of the United States conflicts up to and through today.

To those of you following, I'll try to  make this as interesting to watch as is was for me to create.

Joe Satterwhite

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Surprised by the sign on. I hadn't even had a chance to send out any notifications to others.

Now, to just get used to being the one to provide content; That will take a bit of getting used to.

Again, welcome...


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